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My sober date is 05/03/16.
I started this website to showcase the Moore County AA Newsletter which I design and edit. Over the course of putting this site together someone at an AA meeting shared they saw a tee shirt that said “It takes 12 steps to look this good” and that she really wanted one. Being a graphic designer, I created the shirt so I could give it to her.

I thought about wearing the “12 step” shirt myself, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was showing my AA life to everyone throughout my day. But that has changed in light of the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, and the fact that in my short two-year AA life, I’ve know personally, and through fellow AA members; four people that have committed suicide, two people that have overdosed and one member’s son who died in his sleep as a result of alcohol abuse.

Everyone in some way or another is touched by addiction, but few are willing to confront the shame and fear associated with the solution. It’s time to join the growing movement that is building awareness and challenging the stigma and shame. Together we can make it possible to celebrate recovery and make a better future for generations to come.

Let’s begin by celebrating the heroes of sobriety and the role that recovery plays in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities.