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Become a Sober Fan

Send us your photo and we’ll create your own Sober Fan Icon!

Help End the Stigma of Addiction

Celebrate the heroes of Sobriety!


Become a Sober Fan

Send us your image and we’ll create a personalized Sober Fan Icon with your initials and sober year. We’ll include your icon on this site if you wish, and you’ll also have the option to order a custom Sober Fan logo tee shirt with your icon. Upload your image here: [contact-form-7 id=”902″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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12 Steps

This design is the result of an AA "share". An AAer mentioned she saw this shirt and couldn't find one. So I designed this shirt to give to her.

Secret of Living

This design was for my sponsor's 29th sober anniversary. She says working with her sponsees keeps her young 🙂

Finding What Works!

So many of us feel "less" because of relapses and regrets, but these feelings are unwarranted. You are not your addiction. Recovery works!

Willing & Humble

To me, this is the essence of the fellowship of AA. The promises are true and miracles do happen 🙂

Sober Fan Logo Tee

Celebrate the beginning of AA  with a Bill Wilson tee shirt commemorating his sobriety date! "BW35"


End the Stigma

There is a stigma and it needs to end! We are the only ones that have to defend the fact that we DON'T DRINK.

So Grateful

It took me 30 years of "trying on my own," and in the end, three visits to the hospital in one month to finally "get it." I truly am grateful to be alive and for AA.

Sober Fan

Raising awareness and working to end the stigma associated with alcoholism, addiction, mental health and recovery.

Celebrate the heroes of Sobriety!

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